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QNX 6.5.0 SP1

Product Information:

Version:6.5.0 SP1
Status:development ongoing
Supported Core Modules:DIMM-MX53

Basic Software Packages:

There are two editions of the BSP available:

  • Evaluation edition
    • delivered as binary only
    • it's only for evaluation purposes and not for production.
    • this edition must not used on other systems than a emtrion Developer Kit
    • a 30days evaluation edition of the QNX development environment can be requested from http://www.qnx.com/products/evaluation
  • Standard edition
    • delivered with source code
    • has not the restrictions of the evaluation edition

Drivers Services Info


CAN interfacesavailableBoth interfaces of the board are...  -
Display - TFT 800×480 available--
I2C (onchip) available--
Onboard Ethernetavailable--
Serial interfaces (RS232)available--
SPI available--
Storage Devices: SD Cardavailable-Currently only the standard SDC...  
Storage Devices: Flash File System (NAND)available-Only NAND Flashes with 2k pages are...  
Touch driver (resistive touch)available--
USB Host interfacesavailableHID devices (keyboard + mouse) and...  -
Audio driver for analog audioon request--
Camera interfaceson request--
Storage Devices: SATAon request--
Touch driver (capacitive touch)on request--
USB Function interfaces on request--

If you need not listed features please contact emtrion!

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