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Android 4.2.2

Jelly Bean

Product Information:

Distribution:Android 4.2.2
Status:not recommended for new designs
Supported Core Modules:DIMM-MX6-PCIe

Basic Software Packages:

Emtrion has designed this Android starter-kit to help you design your Android application quickly and efficiently, and evaluate the Hardware.

By simply running the virtual machine provided, you can start developing your application using the new Android Studio. The SDK is already installed. No download or installation is required to start.
The version of Android OS running on the starter-kit is a custom Android version made by Emtrion. It is compliant with the vanilla Android 4.2.2 named “Jelly Bean” but with some restrictions on specific points. You can find those points below on the section “Available devices/interfaces”.

The process of making or rebuilding the Android OS is substantial and requires a lot of knowledge regarding Linux and Android. If you have any requests or particular needs, Emtrion can build a custom Android OS for you. Please contact for any questions regarding this point.



Audio (TLV320aic23)available--
Camera (VM009)available-no recording Videos to a file.  
Keypad (mpr121)available--
LCDavailablelcd,800x480,RGB666  -
RTC (DS1337)available--
Touch (ft5x0x)available--
USB Hostavailable--
Bluetoothon request--
WLANon request--
HDMIon request-Only for DIMM_MX6 on Cadun or...  

If you need not listed features please contact emtrion!

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