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Windows embedded Compact 7.0

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Status:development ongoing
Supported Core Modules:DIMM-MX6-PCIe

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CPU typesavailable-Support for DIMM-MX6S and...  
DirectDraw hardware acceleration supportavailable--
Display Driver (onchip)available--
HW watchdogavailable--
I2C (onchip)available--
On-board Ethernet (10/100MBit/s)available--
PMIC driver support (Powermgmt) availablePMIC driver support is required to...  -
Serial interfaces (RS232)availableCurrently only 3 interfaces are...  -
Storage: onboard NANDavailableStarting with Release 2 of the...  -
Storage: SD cardavailable-The microSD socket on the Lothron...  
Touch driver (capacitive touch)availableThe capactive touch feature...  -
Touch driver (resistive touch)available--
USB Function driver availableThe function "Serial Client (MS...  -
USB Host interface driveravailableThe driver support handles...  -
PCI supporton request-on DIMM-MX6-PCIe only  
PWMon request--
SPIon request--
Wireless LANon request--
Audio driver for analog audioon request--
Camera interfaceson request--
CAN interfaceson request--
GPIO driver on request--
HW accelerated audio/video codecson request--
IrDAon request--
Storage: SATAon request--

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