PC104 Highspeed CAN module with 2 CAN channels

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Product Information:

Status:mass production / perfective maintenance
Temperature Range:0°C to 70°C; opt. -40°C to 85°C
Special Functions:
  • 2 x CAN-channel with SJA1000 or TJA 1040 CAN Controller
  • Local controller 68332G processor, 20 MHz
  • Physical connection to CAN via 82C251 high-speed CAN transceivers
  • Electrical isolation up to 3kV (for e.g. medical applications) (CAN nodes galvanically isolated from the control and from each other)
  • Resources setup via jumpers
  • Baud rate up to 1MBaud
  • 100% bus load
  • Supports CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B, CANOpen
  • Timestamps with 10-µs resolution
  • Internal receive queues with 2048 telegrams each
  • also available as a Fault-tolerant variant
INFOVersion to provide an electrical isolation of at least 3kV e.g. for medical applications.




File: Linux 2.6.x driver View   Download
Info:Linux 2.6.x driver (38.46 kB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014
File: DOS Sources View   Download
Info:DOS Sources for HiCOCAN cards, no support or development. (284.82 kB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014
File: Windows Driver Version 5.3 View   Download
Info:Driver supports the following operating systems: Windows XP 32-bit edition (3.30 MB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014


File: DOS Driver Manual View   Download
Info:DOS Driver Manual for HiCOCAN cards (164.78 kB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014
File: Setup Information View   Download
Info:Setup Information for Windows Driver version 5.3 (86.67 kB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014
File: Software Manual CAN View   Download
Info:Software manual for all emtrion CAN cards. (1.29 MB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014
File: Hardware Manual CAN View   Download
Info:Hardware Manual for all emtrion CAN cards (1.43 MB)
Uploaded 02.04.2014


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