DIMM series compliant baseboard for high performance CPU modules including a miniPCIe slot for wireless network extensions.

Product Information

Current Revision R2B
Status mass production / perfective maintenance
Temperature Range-25°C – 80°C
Size (WxDxH) 160mm x 18mm x 100mm
Power Consumption max. 0.1A
Supported Core Modules

Camera (generic) via Pin Header 1 x
Analog Audio via 3,5 mm Audio Jack 1 x
LCD Interface (generic) via DF13 Connector 1 x
LVDS Interface (generic) via LVDS Connector 1 x
EDT Display via FFC Connector 1 x
Resistive Touch connectable 1 x
Capacitive Touch connectable 1 x

CAN (LVTTL) via Pin Header 1 x
CAN (with transceiver) via DSub-9 1 x
GPIO (I²C expander) via Pin Header 15 x
I²C via Pin Header 1 x
SATA via SATA Connector 1 x
SPI via Pin Header 2 x
UART (LVTTL) via Pin Header 4 x
GPIO (from SODIMM) via Pin Header 4 x
Analog input via Pin Header 1 x
UART (RS232) via DSub-9 1 x
100Base-TX Ethernet via RJ45 Jack 1 x
SD Interface via microSD socket 1 x
USB Host 2.0 via USB-A Connector 1 x
miniPCIe socket 1 x
USB OTG via miniUSB Connector 1 x

Backlight (5V) via Pin Header 1 x
5V Power Supply via 2 mm Power Jack 1  
Spread Spectrum Oscillator 1 x
Over- and Undervoltage protection 1  

If you require any other feature, please contact emtrion!

Name Summary File
Baseboard Design Notes V6 This design guide give you some hints to design a baseboard for emtrion core modules.
Change date04.08.2017
TypeApplication Note
UART Translation Table Overview for UART interfaces of CPU modules and baseboards.
Change date04.08.2017
TypeApplication Note
GPIO Translation Table GPIO Translation Table for DIMM-Series CPU Modules
Change date04.08.2017
TypeApplication Note
Base Tarion (Hardware Manual) Hardware Manual for Tarion Baseboards
Change date18.03.2015
EcoBase Tarion Errata Sheet of Revision 1
Change date04.08.2017
TypeErrata Sheet

Starter Kit for NXP i.MX6 with Linux and Display


This developer kit is particularly suitable for evaluating hardware and application development on Linux with additional PCIe modules.


Name Summary
DIMM-MX6-PCIe CPU module with Fresscale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 Quad-/Dual-/Single-Core Processor including PCIe interface


Display ETM0700G0BDH6 WVGA display (800x480 Pixel) with capacitive touch screen.


ADA-CAN_3V3 Adaptation cable with high-speed CAN transceiver from LVTTL interface to CAN (D-SUB9).


ADA232 Adaptation from LVTTL UARTs to RS232 with D-SUB9 connector.


miniPCIe WLAN & Bluetooth module Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235: 802.11a/g/n, 2x2, dual-band Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0, PCI Express Half Mini Card