Debian 8 (Jessie)

Product Information

Version 8.x
Revision v20141202
Status development ongoing
Supported Core Modules

Basic Software Packages

  • Toolchain:
    • based on gcc 4.9.1, binutils 2.24 running natively on the device
    • Debian ARM hardfloat toolchain gcc-4.9 for cross compilation
  • Kernel: 3.2.0 based on the arago/v3.2-staging commit 19df1b5a3b5059fedebc19f3d51e1cdef6647492 - 3.14 also available, please have a look at the Downloads section
  • Qt: 5.3.2 - emtrion enhanced packages which make full use of the DIMM-AM335X hardware accelerators


The root file system of our Debian BSP is based on Debian Testing (Jessie). This Debian distribution will stabilize in Q1/2015 and brings interesting new features like Qt5. If you need a root file system based on Debian Stable (Wheezy), please contact us.

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Name Summary File
Debian based Linux BSP - Manual Debian based Linux BSP - Manual
Change date09.05.2016
DIMM-AM335x Linux Mainline Support Package DIMM-AM335x Linux Mainline Support Package (tested with kernel 3.14.y)
Change date04.08.2017
TypeApplication Note
emtrion Debian Linux Real-time Packages This document explains the usage of emtrion's Linux kernel packages patched with Xenomai and PREEMPT_RT patchsets
Change date02.02.2015
TypeApplication Note

Enable, Disable or Remove the Demo Application


I2C under Linux


SPI under Linux


CAN on DIMM-AM335 under Linux


GPIOs on DIMM-AM335 under Linux


How to handle CPU core frequency from user space


Debian BSP v2014-12-02 for DIMM-AM335X

  • updated Root File System with current Debian packages
  • updated custom emtrion packages, e.g.  Qt 5.3.2
  • updated Virtual Machine (now 64bit Debian)
  • updated Build System in Virtual machine - (RootFS build now 3-4 times faster)
  • various bug fixes


Debian BSP v2014-07-30 for DIMM-AM335X

  • first release